Additional Features



Any currency can be set up on the Miperi platform although our central currency is Euros. The exchange rates are amended through the currency markets mid rate for listed currencies avoiding any exchange surprises.



Our systems are enabled for most commercial languages including Kanji and Cyrillic alphabets.



We deliver 24 Hour service for any errors, amendments or queries you may have just contact us on



Our web service, software and feeds have been tested methodically for years. Our target is to have our systems as error free and reliable as possible and so far we have achieved above a 99.5% success rate.



We have and can add a casino if you want one.


New Products

Horse racing and IQ Lotto


Legal and Audit

Miperi has considerable experience in international betting law and can give you assistance in setting up a new operation. The software has been designed with any legal or audit requirements in mind so you can adjust tax levels on bets, wins or profit dependant on the local regulations.инструменты для вебмастеровраскрутка оптимизация seoтм биолseo продвижение ростовrussian christmas 2015